Saturday, April 6, 2013

Win a Free Book!

Here I am selling copies of my novel at a local event

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. The hills are green, the ridge is shrouded in fog, and the sun is breaking through the clouds. I'm on my fourth cup of coffee and in a generous mood. I think I'll give away a copy of my debut novel, Singing Winds
This book is very special to me. Not only is it my first published novel, it's a story born out of my deep-seeded, God-placed passion for the First Nations People. 
As a child watching those old westerns on TV, I cheered on the Indians. I also prayed the horses wouldn't get hurt. The funny thing is, I grew up in a typical Caucasian home, so I'm not sure what compelled me to side with the Natives. 
As an adult, I'm interested in Native culture, history, and issues more than ever. Especially after finding out my great-grandmother was affiliated with one of the local tribes where I grew up. To this day, I haven't found out much about her. I speculate she may have grown up in a boarding school where she was forbidden to acknowledge who God made her to be. Her maiden name was Miller, a common name given to Indians. Or perhaps it was the name of her adoptive white family. 
I may never know the truth.
What I do know is my desire to learn more. Not only about my great-grandmother and the family she came from, but to learn more about the people groups who called this country home long before Europeans set foot here.  
I wrote Singing Winds a long time ago, back when my writing efficiency could use some improvement. We all have to start somewhere, right? I still stand behind this story, and have many readers who enjoyed it despite my breaking the "show, not tell" rule. I think I may have done a bit of head-hopping, too. I've gone through the shame and embarrassment stage, through which God taught me humbleness. He continues to show me the many ways He uses this book to bless others. I didn't write it in vain. 
Please allow me to share it with you, my blog readers. 
I know you're out there. Show yourselves, leave a comment (make sure you include your email so I can contact you), and I'll enter you into a drawing to win a copy of Singing Winds. To increase your chances of winning, subscribe to this blog and become a follower with Google Friend Connect. 


squiresj said...

I love Indians as we have Indian blood in our veins. My great Grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. My Dad taught us to be proud to be part Indian.
If you ever need a review, I write on several sites and then share book with someone else to try to help get you known.
jrs362 at hotmail dot com

Linda said...

Thank you for commenting. Your dad must be a very wise person. I was very young when my great-grandmother was alive, so didn't know to ask her about her heritage. I wish I had the opportunity.
I added your name to the drawing which will be at the end of the month. Thanks again for stopping by =)