Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We're In This Together

photo credit: TexasEagle via photopin cc

If you've spent any amount of time in the business of writing, then you know how important it is to support one another. To have a web presence,  you need other people backing you up. Sure, you can build a website, start a blog, open an account on Facebook, or Tweet to your heart's content, but if you're not getting people to follow you, like you, or leave comments on your blog, you won't make it easy for people to find you.
I learned this the hard way after spending a lot of time building a website and blog, yet not getting many hits or comments. I'm no expert, though I am learning a lot from them.
Since I'm a new "Blogger", I thought it would be kind of fun to challenge folks to scratch my blog list and I'll scratch theirs (so to speak).
I just added a BLOG LIST to my blog and included a partial list of those bloggers I've been following. I highlighted partial because there are many more sites I enjoy and I'll add those eventually. I'm making a plea to my fellow writers to add me to their BLOG LIST and in turn, I'LL ADD THEIRS to mine.
Remember the days when link referral companies encouraged us to exchange links with everybody and their uncle? I've dropped that habit after I ended up with pages upon pages of links on my website and who knew if they were legit. Certainly, not all of them were quality links that had anything to do with writing. There's nothing wrong with exchanging links if they have something to good to offer and are relevant to your website.
So, how about it? Are you up to the challenge?

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