Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feel Good About Your Writing

For those of us who consider writing a ministry and the main person we want to please is the Lord, staying humble while people rave about our latest book can be a struggle. On the other hand, some of us are easily discouraged when comparing ourselves to others or even comparing our first novel to our latest one. When I wrote my debut novel, I knew very little about creative writing. I also self-edited my book. I’ve educated myself since then and find I’m often ashamed of my first publication.
During my trip to Montana, my friend introduced me to a woman who read my first novel. She was so excited to meet me and with great enthusiasm, told me how much she loved my book. Needless to say, I was encouraged. Her accolades took away my shame.
The Lord wants us to be humble. All we have and all we are is because of Him. Without Christ, we are nothing. But He also wants us to be happy and content. Feeling sorry for ourselves, harboring guilt or shame, puts the focus on us and not on God. If we live our life in a pity party, the world will not see Jesus in us.
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How can we be the best writer we can be while walking the Jesus road as humble servants?
  • Pray each time you sit down to write, asking God to give you the right words.
  • Join a critique group of like-minded people who write for the Lord.
  • Never stop learning. Read books and blogs about writing. Attend workshops and conferences.
  • Read other people’s books to get inspired.
  • If you get discouraged, take a break from writing or write something silly, or try a different genre. 
  • Network with positive people who share your faith, in person or online.  You’ll gain prayer warriors, make friends, and find you’re not alone in  your writing journey. 
    Fellow writers, what do you do when you get discouraged with your writing? Please share your experience and advice. 


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