Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Never, ever apologize for not posting.

I read an article not long ago about maintaining a presence on the internet. I get that you should post regularly to get noticed. If this were a subject in school, I'd get an F because my last post was a long, LONG, time ago. I filed two tax returns since I published an article.
I also read where you should never, ever apologize for not posting.
A wide-open space where rambling people live
Okay, I admit it, I'm rambling. But isn't this a common practice when you live in the wide-open spaces? Really, this is what happens when you have nothing concrete, useful, informative, SEO worthy, or smart to say. However, you want to say something because you're talking with people on Facebook, chatting with fellow authors in your critique groups, and bumping into friends. You tell each other about your websites and blogs. You exchange URLs and agree to follow each other. Next thing you know, your Facebook page got a few more likes and your blog a half dozen more followers. Pride dictates you need to post something to make those likes and follows worth your friends' troubles. You are also compelled to post because when you visit a page or website to follow or like, you discover the author had made about a hundred posts in the past year. A hundred more than you made. 


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